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Feeling wheel and emotion cards

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This wheel of feeling shows different faces, each with a unique expression that represents a feeling. This bike is not only an appealing educational tool, but a navigation tool through the world of emotions. Through the different emotions, it offers children a playful and intuitive way to explore their own emotional world.

Imagine that your child is curiously turning the bike and discovering how versatile and colorful emotions can be.

At a time when our children are surrounded by so many impressions, the wheel of feeling gives them the words and images to understand and communicate what is going on inside them. It is not just a learning tool, but a bridge builder between hearts: between children and parents, siblings and friends.

It comes with 12 detailed emotion cards that offer valuable impulses on how to bring every feeling closer to the children. After the feeling has been recognized, you draw the appropriate emotion card together and delve deeper into the world of feeling. Each card offers loving suggestions and explanations that deepen understanding.

Place the feeling wheel in a special place in your home. A place where time can stand still for a moment and space for conversation and understanding is created. A place where your child learns that every feeling has a story to tell and that these stories want to be heard.

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