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Feeling poster A3

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This poster shows different faces, each with a unique expression that represents a feeling. This emotional poster is not just a wonderful decoration for the children's room, but a window to the world of emotions.

Imagine how your childStands in front of this poster, pointing to a laughing face and saying, "This is me when I eat ice cream!" Or gesturing to a sad face, muttering, "This is how I felt when my balloon flew away." This poster helps children not only to understand their own feelings, but also to recognize the emotions of their friends and family members.

In our fast-paced world, it is often difficult for children to understand and express their emotions. The feeling poster is a loving tool that brings children and parents closer together. It opens doors to deep, meaningful conversation and teaches children that any feeling, whether joy, sadness, anger or surprise, is important and right

Hang this poster in your child's room or in a common play area, creating a space where feelings are not only recognized, but also celebrated. A room where your child sees that it is okay to feel and that there is always someone to talk to about it.

In love,