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24 NEW affirmation cards

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Children's affirmations

Words create reality.
Words create mindfulness.
Words create positive feelings.
Words can strengthen.

The world out there is fast & the feelings can sometimes ride a roller coaster. It is all the more important that we pay attention to the moment.

That we pay attention to which beliefs we can share with our children and strengthen them with positive affirmations.
They will be with us for a lifetime and with this set of cards you can figuratively help them to manifest positive beliefs and to believe in learning how great they are.

Here you will receive 24 new affirmation cards from several positive beliefs, but also strengthening and courageous sentences like "I may say NO".

Why are positive beliefs & affirmations so important for children?

The principle of neuroplasticity states that our brain is malleable and can always develop.

When repetitions of mindsets and words take place over and over again, links form between our nerve cells in our brain. So positive beliefs can be planted and grow. So the more often we hear them, the more they anchor and blossom.

The smaller the person, the easier this creation of connections. So we can use these positive words from an early age to empower our children and promote a large part of their self-perception and self-love


Children between the ages of 18 months and 7 years build up their subconscious. It doesn't say for nothing that we are all 7 years old. Because our subconscious grows in the first 7 years of life and an enormous amount is anchored here.

What we give our children is the purest truth for them. In these sensitive years, it is all the more important to pay attention to what we say to them and what beliefs we pass on to them.

When can I use the affirmations?

They should specifically strengthen children and help them even in challenging situations.

For example:

Before going to sleep

Before new situations (climb up somewhere, try something new, etc.)


New emotions

Also just like that in everyday life to strengthen self-confidence (playful)

How are the affirmations designed?

The beliefs are as a sentence among the images for us adults. Through the images of children, animals and strong objects (such as heart, etc.), the children can internalize and memorize the affirmartions.

Images simply store better with our little ones. So they have a sweet connection to the belief.

A lot of love,
Eure Daria